We frequently spend a large number of hours sat in front of a computer. A fact that, as has been confirmed by diverse studies, increases the risks of suffering cardiac disease or diabetes. 

It is true that having a healthy diet or frequent exercise helps to keep you relatively healthy and fit, and it can be much more effective to take small breaks during the working day and stretch the muscles for a few minutes.

Simply establishing a short routine with simple actions focused on key points of the body, will help to improve posture and muscle tone.


Back and shoulders: Standing with your arms held in front try to stick your back out backwards until your chin touches your body. You can also make lateral shoulder rotations, and forward, backward, up and down movements.                              


Neck: To release tension in this area and relocate and strengthen the vertebrae, the best exercise consists of moving the head slowly to one side or another and up and down – 6 times is sufficient – without reaching the furthest points.


Arms: Extended to the front, put them at shoulder height and raise them and lower them between 10 and 12 times. From the same initial position another exercise that helps to strengthen the muscles entails crossing your arms in front and behind, also about 10 to 12 times.


Legs: sitting on a chair, place your legs forming a 90 degree angle and in this position raise your knees, keeping the back supported by the chair back. Another interesting exercise consists of standing up, supporting your back against a wall and sliding down while bending your knees until reaching a similar position to when you were sitting.