Let's stop looking at the past, as good as it was. A better future is possible. It’s never too late.


Technology and leading companies such as Apple continue to innovate over time and have progressed, just like the market sector in which they operate, in the design and in the ergonomics of their products and in a determined search for intuitive software to make user management easier at any level. Similarly, everything progresses; globalisation and technological advances have had an influence so that people can work from home, where there are highly-qualified professionals from many specialised fields. However, at 4wOrkhOm3 we do not understand some things, such as why have office chairs not progressed as other seating systems have for other professionals, such as bus or lorry drivers? The problem is that the ergonomic criteria have not been provided, although they are just as valid for some as for others.    


People who sit in front of computers seem to be condemned, because all chair manufacturers follow an incorrect ergonomic discourse, basing their chair designs and development on this. We even have the technology to apply new ergonomic discourses that promote freedom of movement in the pelvic area and thereby understand how our body works inside. However, no manufacturer has adapted to these changes, due to the fact that obsolete discourse, which for example means that Americans spend more than 50 million dollars a year on back pain, continues to be lucrative and so to change, we are dealing with a business of people’s health worldwide worth 30 billion dollars.