Your workstation (chair and table) is essential in order to play poker professionally. It directly affects stress levels, the creation of anger and concentration.  

To play poker we need:                

  • A chair that takes maximum care of ergonomics and thereby prevents muscle overload.
  • A wide table in order to have sufficient space and that is height adjustable for muscle pain.
  • When the chair or table does not comply with these conditions, muscle problems, spasms or injuries usually occur that can range from minor to serious.                      


All of this has an effect at a financial and experiential level within a very short period of time, with negative outcomes such as:

  • An increase in tilt episodes due to anger.
  • Limited or no concentration.
  • Destroying the chance of getting into a flow.
  • Creating an aversion to the activity of playing poker.


Playing in physical pain causes: 

  • Accumulation of muscular tension.
  • Discomfort or irritability.


Without muscular tension there is no tilt caused by anger. Therefore, when there is muscular tension we are encouraging anger to overwhelm us more easily and take control.       

If we feel uneasy or uncomfortable, we are irritated. This increases stress. So, at the very least it is very likely that we are faced with a tilt episode due to anger.

To flow (state of maximum concentration) we need to have the correct amount of stress and so increase performance.  

  • Too little stress causes disengagement and leads to boredom.                   
  • Too much stress leads to obsession and tilt situations.                    


When this physical discomfort or pain, these muscle spasms or injuries appear, we have seen that the stress level increases, encouraging us to exceed our optimum point.

When we are uneasy or uncomfortable, our attention has to decide whether to put its focus on the muscular pain we are suffering. The pain will continue to increase until it may become the centre of our attention, when staying focused will be very difficult. When something is hurting you, in the end, nothing else matters.

If your environment is uncomfortable or if it injures you it will contribute to the fact that you are creating an aversion to the task. Classic conditioning will take place: Playing poker = physical pain. Your mind will look for any excuse to avoid it.  

It is obvious to imagine that if your work area is comfortable the experience is much more pleasant regardless of the results.                  

As we have seen, an inappropriate work station is definitely not beneficial, it is quite the opposite. And the good news is that it is something that depends exclusively on us.

Note: playing lying down takes us to the other extreme, and causes disengagement from the task caused by our physical position. Can you imagine playing a FIFA game with friends without once getting up off the sofa? 

In summary:

Bad work station = Muscular tension = Stress = More tilt and less concentration.    


After studying different options, I chose to visit a specialist and that is why I am giving my opinion here (Company name).

  • The ON chair has a mechanism that encourages the correct use of the areas of the body that should be active in a sitting position. This chair enables us to have greater flexibility and thereby reach a new ergonomic level that avoids muscle tensions.


  • The TRAVIS table enables us to get up when we want. In this way there are no excuses for not getting up when we want to stretch our legs. Lack of movement is the main cause of back pain, headaches, lethargy and other “diseases of affluence”. To get up and work for a time whilst standing works marvellously when the body is worn out and the mind is tired and vice versa, providing the necessary relief. We can adjust the height electronically so that a button takes the table from one height to another, both being adjustable and therefore we can alternate between sitting or standing.                             


With this type of furniture there are no excuses. In this way we are taking control over our life and creating a comfortable, ergonomic environment. What it will give us is the elimination of external factors that increase stress created by muscle pain, thereby removing an important external source of stress and encouraging concentration, the possibility of getting into a flow and the absence of a state of irritation.             




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