The way forward


For Work Home was founded to resolve users' queries and provide an integral solution to the perfect ergonomic environment for working at home. Our goal is to spread the new ergonomic-medical message to help people who spend many hours of their life sitting down at work using a computer and do not know where to go or what to buy for work. The users use obsolete discourse references from the net about ergonomics and they end up buying individual chairs in an online shop or in hypermarkets that trade in health. They are not professionals in the sector nor do they wish to be!

We will begin by confirming that the chair is only one part of the whole that must stimulate the body to move. For Work Home has conducted a study by and for poker players, gamers, traders, programmers, creators, writers, technological and idea development centres, television and film editors, recording studios, financial consultants, YouTubers, streamers and profiles for users who spend more than 8 hours in front of a computer. This is the posture where the body, mind and sight suffer most. We all know that we are working up to 12 or 13 hours, when the majority of studies are based on 8 working hours, so for a healthy future we should be more interested in the explanations we provide in the sections health and ergonomics – what and why.

There are fetishes about ergonomics that have turned some chairs into massive best sellers in art and design, industrial icons of the nineties, which nowadays are history. This will be a very illustrative journey; your health will thank us for it.

You should read and take good note of the information and advice that we share on this website, because the set of elements that we propose have been selected on the basis of the latest ergonomic and comparative reports on the market regarding the health of professionals working with computers. It has been shown that everything that means improving physical-mental balance and comfort impacts on performance and concentration improvement and consequently also on production. Not taking all these ergonomic factors into account can produce chain reactions within an organisation and be disastrous for users who handle large amounts of money within the network. Small errors, loss of concentration, etc. will be very expensive in the long run. Pain and tiredness can be catalysts for making bad decisions whilst working and this also occurs in large office buildings, 24-hour emergency services, air-traffic control towers and in general in all jobs where taking delicate decisions requires being at 100% of physical and cognitive capabilities. At For Work Home we are specialists with over 11 years’ experience in the sector and we have also seen the physical consequences that occur from using obsolete ergonomic discourse that has still not been updated on the Internet. Our entire ergonomic programme resolves all aspects and will help to improve your work sessions at home, through a selection of 4 state-of-the-art elements that used together will increase productivity. We want our clients to have new relaxing sensations, to create a pleasant and comfortable work environment. All these aspects are of vital importance as this is the environment where we spend most time, within a market where everything seems the same but nothing truly is.                          


Let's take a moment to think. The money that we spend in general and especially on tools for our work equates to time and dedicated effort from our lives. Do not waste this by making bad investments. We support the best products on the market today, thereby achieving an atmosphere at home that motivates us to sit down and work.